There were some Vocational Schools in Panevezys which were training specialists of  woker professions during the soviet period.
            1963 - Panevezys Polytechnical School was founded. It trained skilled workers for Metal Work Factory.
            1978 - Panevezys Agricultural School was founded. It trained agricultural workers.
            1983 - Panevezys Builders' School was founded. It trained workers for Building Trust.
During the time some names of schools have been changing. After when Lithuania had received its independence the schools continued their work.
            After the reorganization on 1 July, 2000, three schools (mentioned above) were joined and Panevezys Centre of Vocational Education was founded.
            In 2003 The Centre became as a Public Enterprise. It trains specialists of 15 professions. At school students can also gain secondary education too. There are some classes of technical gymnasium.
            There are about 1100 students at school now. The headmaster of the centre is Bronius Sadula